One life. Live it

like the selfish, wasteful bollix that you are…

The slogan fits the car so well.
You’ve never been snowed in. Not in Blackrock, no. You’ve never had to gather cattle in the Wicklow mountains.
You’ve never needed a big shaggin petrol guzzling 4×4.

95% of your mileage is done in the city center.

You have one life, and boy you are living it.

Like a tumor.

I don’t quite believe that you belong to the same species as the guys who built Newgrange.
You are one stage of evolution further.

On the path to oblivion.

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One life. Live it



Keep your pants on Met Eireann…
It’s January after all. Temperatures between 2 degrees (Celsius…) and minus 1 degree do not warrant getting your knickers in a twist.
I am getting really tired of this sensationalist-scare-mongering-we’ve-got-fuck-all-better-to-do weather forecasting…

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Orange warning



A numbered print by Banksy.
Depicting a long line of alternative types queuing to buy the Destroy Capitalism t-shirt.

With a price guide of EUR15,000 to EUR20,000…

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The ironic side of irony

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Someone pass me the bucket


An in-depth analysis of the 2016 US election by mememe2U

There is a majority of people in society who fit into at least one of these categories: angry, disillusioned, scared, moronic, misogynistic, believing in fairy tales. Some truly gifted specimens fit them all.
The majority of the adult population are eligible to vote in the US (of A)
A large proportion of angry people voted
Someone was democratically elected yesterday in the US (of A)

Reality TV, lazy journalism and Facepuke (both supporters and opponents) made he-who-shall-not-be-named omnipresent. 

Vox populi has spoken. 
The alternative is a coup by the multicutural, egalitarian, so-called educated middle-class, to put an enlightened despot in place, someone who will know best what’s good for society at large (with its inconvenient large proportion of neds/skangers/rednecks). But let’s face it, we are better equipped for rolling sushi or reviewing Ken Loach fillums than go on a rampage with AK47s for the greater good. 

So, what can we say? That democracy is beautiful. Too beautiful to make accessible to everyone?   
Now, where did I put that bucket of sand, see if my head will fit in it for the next four years. Possibly eight (there’s bound to be a war/terror situation in three years’ time that will further boost the scared vote). 

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Shite in a bag


Jim was so impressed with Barky’s offering today that he thought better than to live it behind, in danger of being gradually dissolved by the rain.
He bagged it.
But rather than bin it, or dump it in a bush or down a gutter, he opted to leave it at head’s height for the walkers of the Metals to admire.
Thank you Jim. It is indeed a thing of beauty. If there was a nobel prize for doggy turds, Barky would be humming a Bob Dylan tune right now, on his way back from the awards ceremony.
And the non-biodegradable bag means that we will get a chance to admire this chef d’oeuvre for weeks to come.



A day of back to back meetings.
Mostly to provide progress reports on extremely urgent stuff.
That I will get done when I am done with the back to back meetings to provide progress reports.

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That Thursday feeling…

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Divine intervention


Out of nowhere, the almighty bolt of lightning struck.
The selfie stick was instantly vaporised.
So was its holder.

The roll of thunder echoed through the valley. And faded away.

The puff of smoke over the burnt patch of heather dissipated in a matter of seconds.

The other tourists rapidly lost interest and headed for the mini-coach, in search of new thrills*.

The selfie never got posted on Facebook.

One done, 4.76 billion to go…

* They would soon discover that a very hungover Padraic behind the wheel would deliver many of these between Sally Gap and Johnny Fox’s Pub…