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The Mistake Factory is updating its Farcebook page.

The brief from the Web Publisher was simple: colourful and hysterically happy.

So they came to me for the photographs. Obviously.



Dart TV is launching its Summer 2015 schedule.
It’s going to be bright.
It’s going to be colourful.
It’s going to be wrapped in eiderdown.
It’s going to emulate the grounded pilot look.

It took me a while (between Connolly and Clontarf) to pluck the courage (and the eider) to take today’s Dart TV presenter’s portrait. 
She was ok with me keeping the shot. From the accent I think that she may be Polish. 
I do not have her first name. It’s hard not to make it sound like you are coming on to someone when you ask them for their name, after having taken their photograph at a moment when they least expected it. 
I’ll soon be carrying a little photo book of Dart shots with me. It should make the explanation that little bit easier… 

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Dart TV summer schedule

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Global warming my fluffy arse*


I mean, 1 degree Celsius at 6.30 AM?!

All that melting ice at the North Pole, it surely is messing with the Gulf Stream…

What have we done? What have we done?!

Well, that’s it, I am doing my bit. The Raheny household is downsizing the size of its car. Well, not the car, the engine.

I have also decided to stop farting. I’ve been responsible for enough methane gas to create a hole the size of Luxembourg (the country, not the city-cum-bank) in the ozone layer.
It’s the end of a love story. There is so much relief, so much enjoyment, to be derived from a short, well executed burst of flatulence.
It’s been music to my ears for as long as I can remember. But it’s got to stop.
We all have to do our bit for the planet.

* the fluff is actually coming in handy, in these extreme temperatures

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… that always threatened work/life balance.

Thankfully there is an oasis of peace, and tranquillity, and concrete, and wood, and books, and archives.

Within walking distance.

If you make the conscious effort to tear yourself away from the LCD screen.

To take a break.

Carlos and I spent a good 15 minutes flicking through the pages of a superb book on libraries.
I especially enjoy the last 50 pages, the “future”.
I half expected to find our library therein.

In the next edition surely.

And then we had a great laugh thanks to a hilarious interior design book.
Tsk, the mega rich… So rich… Yet so easily influenced.
So manipulated.
So common.

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Surveying the surveyor


It can be an exhausting job.
I’m sure she wishes she had packed her high vis bikini this morning as she went off to work.

It looks like she is also moonlighting sunshining as an Extreme SPF Tester.

I am reminded of my carefree days on the building sites (it wasn’t too taxing on the brain), when a gang of us were fighting to have a look at the 2 receptionists from Hurricane Couriers who were catching a few late spring rays in the comfort and (supposed) privacy of their backyard, in their bra. 

Little did they know that 2 kilometres from there, on the unfinished 11th floor of a tower in construction, a bunch of excitable builders where admiring the quality of the lace thanks to the impressive magnifying properties of an architect’s level…