One life. Live it

like the selfish, wasteful bollix that you are…

The slogan fits the car so well.
You’ve never been snowed in. Not in Blackrock, no. You’ve never had to gather cattle in the Wicklow mountains.
You’ve never needed a big shaggin petrol guzzling 4×4.

95% of your mileage is done in the city center.

You have one life, and boy you are living it.

Like a tumor.

I don’t quite believe that you belong to the same species as the guys who built Newgrange.
You are one stage of evolution further.

On the path to oblivion.

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One life. Live it



The magic of Christmas?

Not quite sure what is wrong with us this year. We are pretty much on top of things. A Christmas tree has been procured. It smells like a Christmas tree. It’s full, and even, and lovely and dark green.

It cost the GDP of Lesotho but that’s beyond the point, isn’t it?
One does not put a price tag on the magic of Christmas. Or at least not an easily affordable one…

Anyway, who needs an extravagant Christmas dinner?
We’ll be fine, eating our yellow sticker ready meals (there’s usually shitloads of them in the Granny Aisle on the 23rd and 24th, people seem to feed exclusively on alcohol and cocktail sausages in the last three weeks up to Christmas) while watching our beautiful tree starting to droop ever so slightly.

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Can you feel it yet?



Did shag all. Which was brilliant.
Slept loads. Which is exactly what the doctor ordered.

A most beautiful non-day.

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A minimal sort of day



When Darren invented camoball, he was pretty sure that he would rapidly become a millionaire.

But as the sales failed to materialise, he soon lost momentum.

He hit a wall.

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Fancy a game of camoball?



The “do not pet me” message on his harness?
Nah, that’s a whole load of bollix.
Look at him. Look at how cute he is. Look at those fluffly fluffy soft ears.
Ats a boy. Ats a very cute, very cuddly boy.

Now, if you try to pet me, I’ll headbutt you, roight?


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The what?



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Superbia pulchra est



Carlos is not in great form at the moment.
A mixture of forgetfulness, cushions getting in the way of passports, taxmen getting in the way of all sorts of taxable things and new and old symptoms rearing their ugly heads in the gallery of mirrors of his hypochondria.
And most of all the impending big six O.

So I did the only thing that is bond to instantly cheer him up.
I asked him if he wouldn’t mind stepping in front of my camera.

He leapt.

a splash of colour... quite literally, art, dublin, dun laoghaire, hypochondria, ireland, nostrils, photography, portrait, relativity

Boy in bloom