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Michael writes the book


Michael didn’t attend no fancy business school.
But the 250-pound 6’4 giant knows instinctively what appeals to the mattress-buying community:
– an easily recognisable trading name
– a simple yet effective logo
– a powerful slogan

He is immensely happy with all three.

Especially his “furniture world” slogan. That’s what took him the longest to carefully craft.

Big Mickey nailed it. Big Mickey is the boss.

Mattress Mick must truly be quaking in his cowboy boots now.

A new mattress giant is in town!



Are in.

Totally, like.

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Salmon pink really really suits you.

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Of Corsa you’re beautiful



It has been a while.
We haven’t had these carriages with the dart tv handles for months.

Robert was up bright and early, off to meet some mates of his, for a big walk in the Wicklow hills.

I nearly told him that I too intend to go for some exploration of the Wicklow hills with my mates when I am retired.
At the age of 87. But preferably only after 4×4 mobility chairs have been invented.

But I thought that it may have sounded a touch too cynical to a total stranger. At 8.10am.

Instead I obliged to the ninja-kid who asked demanded to have his doggy photographed. 

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Robert on Dart TV

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2016 Vote for Me Me Me National Portrait Awards


It’s the same every couple of years. The Big Electoral Portrait Awards.
I have always found it highly irritating.

Until this year.

Now that my Richard is up, I am totally biased.
See, for the last 23 years, I haven’t had a vote. Not that I feel less empowered. None of us get to vote for the real decision makers.
But this year, I got a chance to vote. I called into Richard’s office a few months ago. I offered to take his photograph for free, no strings attached.

I don’t agree with all of what he has to say. But he has in his days kicked a few inconvenient hornets’ nests. Which needed kicking, in a nation of tepid, obedient, mildly corrupt, boys-club politics.

His heart is in the right place. Despite all the grand ideas, his hands would be tied behind his back if he ever got to be in government. Which I doubt he ever will.
He will always be an opposition TD. And he is good at it.
His heart is in the right place.

And my photo is all over town.

It’s getting more exposure than a Becquerel party in Chernobyl.
I’m chuffed.





Just when you thought that Kilbarrack held no more surprises for you…


8.30 AM in the car park of the Foxhound Inn, of all places.
A Chinese lady in her super pink, super shiny silk kimono, doing her Tai Chi exercises.

A place where the habitual physical activities can be summarised as:

–          Lighting cigarette wrist action
–          Talking shite maxillary action
–          Holding fart sphincter action
–          Assessing the local talent ocular action
–          Exhaling smoke of a JP Blue pulmonary action
–          Letting out fart-what’s-the-point-it’s-a-lost-battle sphincter action

Kilbarrack, you never disappoint.

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Crouching cider hidden flagon