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The mentalist detector


Every beach in every corner of the planet has one…
The treasure hunter with his metal detector. Spending weeks on end digging up Heineken bottle capsules in search of the elusive gold Rolex…


Talking about mentalists. And gold diggers. And dreamers… 
I stopped playing the lotto years ago. It has finally dawned on me that the odds of picking 6 numbers out of 45 are similar to that of having a stimulating conversation with a Jehovah Witness. 
But I play a tenner on the Daily Million once a month (2 lines for 5 consecutive days). 
The odds are a doddle. It’s much easier to get 6 numbers out of 39. 
Or so I thought.
Yesterday I got five. 
Statistically, the chances are pretty pretty pretty pretty slim (on par with finding a philanthropic insurance broker). 
Yesterday was the closest I’ll ever get to being in possession of a million euros. 
I should be glad with those five hundred euros I did not have on Friday. 
We’ll get a special treat for the family. 
Still, I can’t stop the little voice in my head… So close, yet so far…   


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