Minor poet, major can of spray paint…

Of it.

The colours.

And the message. So profound, that it has to be copyrighted. Genius is in short supplies these days. And often gets copied. Without permission.
Permission. So crucial.

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Table for one for Anto the misanthropist.

Just the way he likes.

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Solitary lunch



It’s crap.
Nana couldn’t help herself and bagged two pounds of the tasty little buggers for Luca and Uncle Nic.

Down to the beach to try and clear the head of the excesses of the communion yesterday.
This is His blood. And we drank it in memory of Him. Several gallons actually.

It was strange to go down to the beach with just the one spaniel.

The vet took Muscade in her house over the weekend. She’ll get more results from the blood tests on Monday.
Poor little thing. In her own daft hyperactive spaniel sort of way, she is very attaching (if you like daft hyperactive dogs).

Fingers crossed.

Finn tried to provide some comfort to Jojo. But he knows that something is not right.

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The anti winkle cream



They like their game of domino before heading upstairs for the ablutions/pyjamas/night-time read ritual.

This photo is blurred.
Tough shit.

You try and hold a DSLR with your left hand to take a shot of your damaged right thumbnail before the bastard thing grows back… At least I don’t wince in pain any longer when I put my hand in my money.

Hold on. I still do. But only when it involves extracting money from it. 

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The domino effect



What Monday blues?

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Monday blues?



So tempting.
So off-limits.

One twist open.
Enriched with IRON and vitamin C.

Forbidden Fruit flavour.

I resisted.

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A milk called Mandy



A real one.
115% certified genuine.

Them hipsters didn’t invent the beard…

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A Dub