I sometimes see her in the morning. The Dog Whisperer.
Who actually manages to get all four of them to walk together, at the same pace, with no excessive pulling, bickering, impetuous urine sprinkling or tangles in the leashes.

I have absolutely no idea how she does it.

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The magichienne

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Rarely will a colonoscopy be more heralded, advertised, discussed, trumpeted, feared, debated or planned down to the most minute details.

Carlos still has 7 days to psyche himself up.

He asked me to keep this to myself. But I have overheard him discussing it at length with the receptionist. And B from Accounts. And S from Sales. And half of the mesmerised engineering department. And the cleaning lady from the 3rd floor. And his sister on Skype. And more importantly her GP husband on the phone.

I thought I’d discreetly add a reminder on our corporate wall calendar. The one used for the only thing that truly matters in the Mistake Factory: the holidays.



Andrew would have loved his lunch breaks to be full of surprises.
It was therefore a pity that nothing ever happened.
He sat, ate his sandwiches, drank his coffee. And eventually left, returned to the office and his ledgers.
With a faint but deeply-rooted sense of growing void at the very chore of his being.

But it was unfair to say that nothing ever happened.

He once witnessed a particularly vicious fight between two magpies.
In August 2002.

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Adrenaline rush



Femdom costumes are all the rage these days

Colette and Diarmuid always insisted on looking their best at a wedding.

Today’s union in matrimony of young Dervla and Declan would be an extra special event, as it happened to coincide with Coco and Didi’s own plastic wedding anniversary.

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The wedding


Playing my trump card for Halloween

This year, I have decided to go for a minimalist yet effective option.

Total cost: EUR1.50

And still, I almost soil myself each time I look up from my computer screen.

To be fair, I almost soil myself each time I look at my screen too. Such is the amount of emailed nonsense that lands there at regular interval.

What can I say, I am surrounded by beauty…

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Halloween-ween situation



On his lunch break, David liked to ponder upon the exaggerated place humans assigned to themselves in the universe.

He tried to be at one with the ocean.

He strived to blend in with nature, with no sense of superiority over that passing seagull, or that gust of wind, or the electric flash of that mullet beneath the surface.

He relished the smell of the gentle marine breeze in his avid nostrils.

He tasted the saltiness of the sea with each pore of his skin.

But most of all, he was wondering what the fuck could possibly hold up Paul, whose turn it was to fetch the Big Mac meals, with supersized French fries and diet Coke.

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Head space



Look at the three of them. So cute.
Even cynical old me had to pause, and take out the camera and grab a shot of the trio waiting for their human outside the Bank of Ireland.

I was about to leave when I felt compelled to give them a little pat on their cutie heads.

Gorgeous little doggies.

Now, to find some antiseptic and plasters for my shredded index and middle fingers.

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Victim of the cuteness