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It’s all about the strategy, like


About to embark on three days of bouncing ideas in the think-tank of steak holders.
With my colleagues from Belgium, France, Germany, Poland and Slovakia. And the big boss from Boston.

Vita asked me to have a one hour pre-meeting warm-up lap for the aul neurons.

So I did what any strategic thinker would do in this situation.

I took him to Lockie’s for two swift cheeky pints.



Time for romance.
And in love.

So blissfully alone.

We had a third consecutive day of sunshine today. Again. Not even two weeks after the 4-day heatwave (when the thermometer reached 21 degrees on two distinct occasions).

There are rumours that we may actually be bang in the middle of a summer.

Who would have thunk??? 

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That’s how you have to count it.
1 gymnastics – 2 gymnastics – 3 gymnastics- etc.
Mimi reached 15 gymnastics this afternoon.

That was very important to her.

I had mixed feelings when she started doing gymnastics in earnest (as opposed to the 3 years she spent doing gymnastics in Newpark, where it was mostly about hungover, surly instructors in their late teens casting a distracted eye on a long queue of young ones messing around with very little gymnastic action of any kind…)
In her new club, they take things seriously. Perhaps too seriously. I was a bit uneasy at the thought of nine hours weekly of gymnastics when she qualified for the competition squad.
I had a very serious conversation with Mrs Raheny and Mimi, making it clear that I would not be pushing her to go to her three weekly sessions, that it had to be an enjoyable experience rather than a chore.

But she enjoys the experience.
She really looks forward to her three sessions.
She loves the feel of the mats and the smell of chalk and sweat in the air. She looks up to the older girls.
She loves the training.
She loved the competition last weekend.

And I’ll approve of it for as long as she gets such a buzz from it.

13 gymnastics – 14 gymnastics – 15 gymnastics!

Well done my Mimiteen.

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15 gymnastics



There were no medals today for messing on the starting line.
Pity because Finn and his compadre A. would have scored gold.

If only they had managed to convert all that bouncy energy into horizontal velocity…

Not that they are dispirited or anything.












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Misplaced energy



It was high time for Luca to get a trim.

Or so his mum thought.

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A suburban tale of glamour, and tiny legs, many of them, and yappy sounds, and white hair on bespoke armchairs.

I think, but I am not 100% sure, that I heard her scream “mush, mush! Mush for fuck sake!”
But I may be mistaken. It could be the aul tinnitus (I may have overdone the bashing along to For Those About to Rock on Finn’s drum kit this morning before going to work…)

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Little Red Frilly Hood and the 24-legged Monster



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Superbia pulchra est