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Wet pissed off cat


Fuck sake, mememe2U, this is not funny.
Open the shaggin’ door.
This is no weather to leave a cat out.


Your son won’t open the sliding-door-that-doesn’t-slide-too-well.


He’s laughing at me, that big eedjit.

This is is NOT funny. I wanna get in. I wanna get in.


I’m going to meow until one of you let’s me in.


I’ll keep it up until you can no longer stand it.


I’ll be louder than the cow that was calfing last night 15 yards from Mrs mememe2U’s bedroom window.


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Snug as a bug with a bug


Only a few days ago, he was green with envy at seeing his siblings prevented from going to school with the vomiting bug.
Now he is green… with the vomiting bug.

The expression that we tried to teach him today: be careful what you wish for .

Still, when I asked him what was the best, between being in great health at school or sick at home, he picked the latter without hesitation.

A morning of watching Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith is well worth the stomach cramps and vomiting green bile.

The program for tomorrow is quite exciting too: diarrhoea and Raiders of the Lost Ark.

I’ll have to remind him to write his thank you cards: to Finn who passed it to him, to Mimi who passed it to Finn, to Martha who passed it to Mimi, and to Auntie Phlegmina who passed it to Martha.
That’s as far back as we could go back in the bacterial family tree.
I am designing a family crest of a crossed plunger and gall bladder on a vomit-encrusted duvet background

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Like herpes in a pot



Not just any cold sore.
A classier type of cold sore.

Thanks a mil to all of you who have already voted for my blog post on testicular hypothermia, a subject that deserves to be known by a broader audience.
If you haven’t yet done so, please please help me to give it another little nudge.
The link is here (, do a search for “around”, the name of the blog is “In and Around Dublin”. Select and vote. Thank you. No, really, thank you!


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Help!!! (please)


Help! Please.
It’s ok, you can put your credit cards away.
I just need 30 seconds of your time.

One of my blog posts has been nominated for the Best Irish Blog Post award (in the testicular pain section).

You could increase my chances of gaining absolutely fuck all from it by voting for it.
What’s in it for you? Same as for me, absolutely fuck all.
Or maybe a week’s supply of organic yoghurt from Glenisk (“keeps you regular as a Swiss cuckoo-clocks repairman”)
But I do not rely on my blog to feed my kids. There is roadkill for that.

Here is the link:

Those of you suffering from lazy-scrolly-wheelie finger syndrome can do a Ctrl + F (Mac users can shag off) shortcut and type “around”.

And you’ll find me: In and Around Dublin (so far it has 2 votes – me, and my wife)

It’s a laugh. SHARE it. Too few opportunity to have a larf these days….


No, really. THANKS!

(if you are of the vote-for-anyone-else-than-this-annoying-bollix persuasion, another nominated blog that I wholeheartedly recommend is At the Clothesline – she is brilliant –