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Le vote utile

elections francaises

Vote for the banana!

Would you believe… I am going to vote.
Not in Ireland. My country of adoption. The place I call home. But in the old country. The land where moaning is a national sport practiced by the majority. Douce France, cher pays de mon enfance.
In dark times when lunacy becomes the norm, I think I will try and stick my chewing-gum in one of the millions of cracks in the Dam of Obscurantism.

It’s pretty much a lost cause.
Lepen may be stopped this time, but she and her cohort won’t be stopped for ever.

Let’s give it a try. Le vote utile…
I’d rather vote for the banana to be honest, but at the end of the day my first round ballot will go to the vote-whore most likely to stop Lepen in the second round.
Not someone I would vote for in normal circumstances.
It’s called damage limitation.

I’m doing it for Newgrange. I’m doing it for the next four generations.
Of mice that live under my kitchen sink.

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Will you be my Valentine?


Patch knew that his display of love may have been a touch premature but the scents carried by the wind were just simply too alluring.
He knew full well that Ginger would not wait another ten days either.
He carefully deposited his doggy Valentine’s card outside her house, sniffed the air one last time, and headed back home, wishing he wasn’t born with Jack Russel’s legs, and hoping that that German Shepard bollix from no.4 wouldn’t be able to jump over the wall of her back garden…



At least, they don’t make me wear my poo tied in a bag around my neck in the Mistake Factory.


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And I thought I was having a bad day…



Nothing cheers me more on a gloomy Monday at work than a walk on the sunny promenade and a look at the flotilla of colourful boats scattered around the bay.

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A Euro well spent



Did shag all. Which was brilliant.
Slept loads. Which is exactly what the doctor ordered.

A most beautiful non-day.

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A minimal sort of day



Unfortunately no boredom in store for me at the Mistake Factory this morning.

It was full on 100 meter dash by decapitated galliformes.

I could have done with a bit of mindless copying and pasting, gentle boredom and soporific inaction…

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Bored as a husky waiting for snow