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A puppet and muppets


I envy them I do.
I envy the spring in their step as they go to school.
And yap all the way.
And run toward their classroom when the bell goes off. In such a hurry to get there this morning that Finnzy barely managed to throw his coat on the hook outside and dumped his bag in the corridor in his haste to upturn the bucket of assorted jungle animals and dinosaurs that was awaiting him and his mate Beóán.
I envy his primary school babe teacher and her lovely smile.
I walked Mimi to her class (the puppet princess needed a train in keeping with her rank), there were more irritatingly euphoric kids everywhere.  

By contrast, there was no cheery bells when I arrived at the Mistake Factory. 
No dinosaurs (but Carlos was there in the cubicle next to me, with a big toothy friendly grin), no spring in anybody’s step. 

Just a big bucket full of hassle. Waiting to be upturned on my desk. 

No puppets. 

But cohorts of muppets.

art, dublin, ireland, monochrome, photography, street photography

Spitting image



Yes, this scene of utter desolation barely recorded at a weak 2 (‘Spitting’) on the most excellent Fliuch Scale.

This couple and child could have been from Ireland.

The locals are much more stoical.

Except when there is a drink promotion.

There was a stampede outside a popular night club last night.
Not because a fire was raging inside and people were desperately trying to get out.
No, because Monday night is drinks promotion night (EUR3.50) and the age limit for admission was lowered for the first time from 21 to 18 and people were desperately trying to get in. 

Recession, my fluffy arse…



art, dublin, ireland, monochrome, photography, portrait