Free-range tellies giving the finger to the CCTV.



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Sweet irony

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Shite in a bag


Jim was so impressed with Barky’s offering today that he thought better than to live it behind, in danger of being gradually dissolved by the rain.
He bagged it.
But rather than bin it, or dump it in a bush or down a gutter, he opted to leave it at head’s height for the walkers of the Metals to admire.
Thank you Jim. It is indeed a thing of beauty. If there was a nobel prize for doggy turds, Barky would be humming a Bob Dylan tune right now, on his way back from the awards ceremony.
And the non-biodegradable bag means that we will get a chance to admire this chef d’oeuvre for weeks to come.

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Screw you, unsmiley phone


I am more than a little bit chuffed with myself.
I managed to make a smart phone that works from two not-so-smart broken ones.

With the help of the Chinese guy from the New Paddy Electronics (phone unlocking, at reasonable prices), I have returned Mrs Raheny to connectivity and the joys of getting Whatsapp notifications every 3 minutes.

Her first phone she dropped in Don Mimi’s pizza, at a time when the kids were particularly odious (their way of thanking her for taking them for a pizza treat). That was a good while ago.

The second hone decided last Friday to display a blue screen with a rather pissed off unsmiley face. Not a good sign (the only worse sign is the blue screen with extended middle finger logo).

You’ve just got to love YouTube. Besides hilarious videos of pugs and kittens doing super cute things, there are videos for every sort of technical problem you can think of.

I am forever in debt to LE55ONS, a guy generous with his time and skills.

In the grand scheme of things, I have almost balanced out the destructive formative years of my youth.

My first wind-up watch
My second wind-up watch
My first electronic watch
My third wind-up watch
My second electronic watch
My mum’s travel alarm clock
My first walkman
My mum’s Renault 19
My first Discman
My first MP3

My second 35 mm camera
A Philips portable DVD player (from two broken ones)
My mum’s DVD player and home cinema amplifier
Mrs Raheny’s Nokia 520 (from two broken ones)

Ongoing project: fixing the chord of the edge trimmer that I cut last week, while trimming the edge.



A day of back to back meetings.
Mostly to provide progress reports on extremely urgent stuff.
That I will get done when I am done with the back to back meetings to provide progress reports.

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That Thursday feeling…


IMG_6838Some shop fronts, and cars, are destined to disappear sooner than later.
That’s the order of things.
It is a bit silly to hang on desperately to the past.
I do like to capture them while they are still around though, and pin them here and in a few hard drives, the odd print, the even rarer photobook.

That’s my inner butterfly collector coming to the surface.

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Conservatory order



Harmless my arse…

It may look cute, with its delightfully old fashioned roundy curves.

But insert a granny therein and you have a weapon of mass destruction.

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