Somehow, I have a feeling that it may not be the last…


Claggan Island (Oileán Chloigeann), Belmullet, Co. Mayo 

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First shower of the year



Femdom costumes are all the rage these days

Colette and Diarmuid always insisted on looking their best at a wedding.

Today’s union in matrimony of young Dervla and Declan would be an extra special event, as it happened to coincide with Coco and Didi’s own plastic wedding anniversary.

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The wedding



Titus’ previous owner was good to him.
Very good.

Tasty, even.

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Husky looking for a good home



You can run all you want, you can twist, and turn, and dodge, it is a lost battle.
You may miss a raindrop of two.
You won’t outrun millions of them.

PS: it’s rain, not urine or sulphuric acid.

Elsewhere, the bastards from the Sunshine Cafe keep rubbing it in our wet faces.


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Desperate measures



Tonight, I had the East Pier to myself.
Which was nice.

Because I was the only lunatic to venture into the bitterly cold horizontal rain.
Which wasn’t nice.

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Elbow room



I’m off for a week!!!

And things immediately look brighter.


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50 shades of holiday