Opening Thu 9 January 6.30pm - Lexicon library - Dun Laoghaire

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One for the agenda



Young Fergus was almost sure that something was not quite right about his evening swim. 
But he could not put his finger on it. 
No clue as to what wasn’t right. He kept searching his trousers and anorak pockets while trying to remember what he had forgotten… 

a splash of colour... quite literally, art, cretins, dublin, dun laoghaire, ireland, life lesson, marine biology

Yes, but what?


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February… it’s a state of mind



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The big grey seal male was somewhat disappointed when, upon investigating the cause of the big unseasonal splash in the harbour, he discovered with barely concealed disappointment that it was not the partner he was hoping for.
It is true that with my overgrown whiskers and generous coating of blubber, I can easily be mistaken for a curvaceous mature she-seal.
I won’t hold it against him.
I did however resent what he was holding against me under water, the filthy animal.
The cold water did little to cool down his ardour.

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For phoque sake…



The ball never rattled the net.
The Sunshine Boy was way too fast for me.
He was born with the reflexes of the cobra, the eye of the bald eagle and the speed of the cheetah.
I did not stand a chance.

art, dublin, dun laoghaire, essential parenting implements, ireland, monochrome, parenting, photography

Showdown at sunset



Donnacha was determined to get one last rush of adrenaline before the annual lift-out tomorrow.
He was enjoying every second of this white knuckle ride as he was zooming across Dublin bay in his formula 1 of the waves.

a splash of colour... quite literally, art, dublin, dun laoghaire, ireland, life lesson, photography, travel

Adrenaline hush