What a place.

I can’t believe that after 24 years in Ireland, I only got to see Newgrange today.

I wasn’t expecting to feel so emotional when entering the chamber. No matter how touristy it is, or the fact that you are herded in for your 12 minutes with 20 other visitors, it just hit me as I felt the stones of the narrow passageway.

5,000 years ago.

Jayzus. (He didn’t even exist!)

How primitive we are. How ill-equipped to leave a trace. How devoid of any sense of legacy.

At a time when life expectancy was barely beyond the age of 30, when the wheel didn’t exist, when wifi even didn’t exist (!!!), people had a much more tangible grasp of the future than we have.

Today I felt disgusted to the core with an age when fugacious excrement like he-who-shall-not-be-named gets elected into a position of extreme power, with a personal grasp of consequences and legacy that does not seem to go beyond the next tweet.

What do we ever do today for four generations down the line?





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The chairman


has left the building.

This year again I witnessed some heartbreaking scenes of panic alcohol buying in the local supermarket. 
Tomorrow is indeed the day (with Christmas day) when the sale of alcohol is illegal. 
A day when Ireland is at loss. 
And, in the absence of any alternative, turns to religion. 



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The Chairman

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Gone apeshit


No they have not.
Not Mrs Mememe2U and Nana and the kids.

But the chimps from Dawn of the Planet of the Planet of the Apes have.

Gone apeshit.

Which was a fitting transition from my work week.

Jayzus, there were a lot of people going apeshit.

What is wrong with the world?