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Dalkey Hill – The shite weather #1 destination

Saturday morning. Woke up to lashing rain.

Could face a whole day of the kids bickering indoors.

We all put on our wellies and rain coats for a good aul session of wet outdoors bickering.

Irish summer childhood memories are made of these…












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Wet with excitement


Something was not quite right.
And I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.
Some deep buried internal clock in me was pointing out to some anomaly.

The world around me was slightly off its axis.

It felt incomplete.
Like Rolls without Royce.
Coq sans vin. Laurel away from Hardy.
La France without strikes.
Or an industrial estate without foxes. A sky with no contrails. A politician without promises.
A cabernet sans sauvignon. A smoke without fire. A mortgage broker’s ad without small print.

And then it suddenly hit me.
Me and the train windows, as it splattered in thousands of joyful ejaculations.

The rain was back!
It had gone. For a loooooong time. For over a month.
It had not sung on my roof tiles for more than four weeks.
It had not soaked through my jeans for an eternity.

It’s back.
And I was glad.

I still am.


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A new day has dawned*


Or so we are led to believe, based on the dubious evidence of a gradual and feeble brightening of the muddled. misty, milky mess that is our dull steely sky/horizon/bay alloy.

The world is still spinning on its axis.

The weather is shite.

Today is Friday. Party on!

* see how I narrowly avoided a lawsuit for copyright infringement from Her Ladyship‘s legal team there? Bless the cunning use of tenses in tense situations…

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The Mighty Shannon


Not so mighty if you ask me.
12 stones in and it’s already showing signs of weakness.

And the Finnzy-Bob is only warming up!

I’ll have to send a letter to Longford County Council, suggesting that they drop another skip or two of grade A stones at the waterside car park in Tarmonbarry.
We do stop there on average 8 times a year.

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Quality ‘me’ time.
If you listen very very carefully, you can almost hear bubblettes of truth breaking on the surface.

Today’s weather?
Changeable. For a change…


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NO!!! Don’t press the…


… aw bollix! That big red button is the Irish weather’s Reset to Factory Settings button. 

The Flipflops-Shorts-and-Smoked-Salmonella-Breakfast one is the little diarrhea-green button at the bottom left of the control panel… Next to the Launch-Bono-to-save-the-World leaver and beneath the Insert-Cash-to-Bail-the-Banks bottomless chute. 

Ach, I suppose, we’ve been luckier than last year… At least the Great Summer of 2013 lasted a whole week. Would you believe? A whole week!

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Did they? Didn’t they?



The rumour this evening around the mememe2U home was that the kids went straight to the beach after school today, on what turned out to be another scorcher of a day (4 consecutive days!!! As, in a row!!! AS, one after the other. With no clouds. And just sun. IN IRE-LAND!!!!) 
Or at least that is what 66% of my kids would have me believe.
I’m not so sure, they’ve been telling loads of fibs lately (Mimi’s a natural, Finn is learning fast, Luca… well… bless, he would not make a great poker player…) 

I don’t know what to believe, the jury is still out on that one.

Today’s weather: unusualImage

Today’s colour: blue. Definitely. With moppets. For a muppet.