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Endangered species


Things are tough for Ryan.
He finds it harder every week to make a dishonest living.
He is a Payphone-vandal-scumbag like his dad before him, and his dad before that.
But the disappearance of his main source of subsistence means that he has to travel further afield to keep the family trade alive.
His dad John-Paul retired 5 years ago.
Ryan now fears that the trade will die when he himself is forced into early retirement.
He is quite certain that by the time his little Calum is old enough to hurl a building brick at a payphone, the latter will have well and truly become extinct.

Ryan and Calum, and the few remaining Payphone-vandal-scumbags out there need your help.

For the modest sum of EUR12.75 per minute (subject to a connection fee of EUR25), you too could use the few remaining examples of a proud tradition of antique telephony devices, instead of your boring smartphone, and make Eircom rethink their phasing out of the old payphones.

The future of little Calum depends on you.


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