He pleaded. Oh yes he did.
He begged. Oh yes, he did that too.
And he pleaded some more. Oh definitely.

But I did not budge.

A team building exercise is mandatory.

And at his age, once the fitness is lost, there is no regaining it.


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Team building exercise



Carlos is not in great form at the moment.
A mixture of forgetfulness, cushions getting in the way of passports, taxmen getting in the way of all sorts of taxable things and new and old symptoms rearing their ugly heads in the gallery of mirrors of his hypochondria.
And most of all the impending big six O.

So I did the only thing that is bond to instantly cheer him up.
I asked him if he wouldn’t mind stepping in front of my camera.

He leapt.

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Boy in bloom

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The pharmaceutical treasure chest


Every self-respecting French household has one.
And Nana’s is no exception.

My memory of France is that people truly have a passion for “les médicaments” and while most villages have lost their butchers, bakers or cafes, la pharmacie is the last local commerce to have resisted the onslaught of the concentration of consumerism (mostly to soulless zones commerciales outside of towns).
No, the pharmacy lives on. It’s welcoming green cross easily identifiable from a distance.
A temple dedicated to the cult of les médicaments.
Pharmacies even have their own smell.

The smell of sterilisation and reassurance.


Pretty shaggin’ high.

Met Eireann were spot on: bright sunny spells, with passing showers, some heavy in places.

We happened to be in two of these places today…






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Chance of rain?



There was much laughing.
And running.
And swimming.
And laughing some more.
And ball kicking.
And ball throwing.
And ball catching.
And giggling.
And eating.

Which is quite good, considering that Leo had to get up at 5 in the morning.
After going to London for the first time.
After having seen Arsenal play for the first time.

Some days it’s just hard to get tired.

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with cat on a wardrobe and my dad looking over my shoulder.

He did smile in real life.
But never in front of a camera when he was holding a salmon.


Holding a salmon is no laughing matter.


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Self portrait



Summer is upon us! (For some obscure reason, summer starts on May 1st in Ireland)

Quick kids, grab your warm coats, and woolly hats.

Summer is upon us!

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Mayday! Mayday!