200 meters away, as the crow walks
but we’re all the same, we’ve got to carry each other, carry each other…
Marine Contemplation (it beats the shite on satellite television)
Bray Head(s)
The Rough Junction

“Piss off!” “Piss off!” – Visitors Not Welcome
Door to Door Salesman
My Monochromatic Friend
Girl with Notionz…
The Most Modest Convenience Store in the Whole Wide World
The Key to Lucy’s Heart
Bray Wanderers Fighting Crows
The Very Very Large Albino Pigeon
Seagull Identifying as a Pigeon (Mutation in Progress)
Pay and Display (your seagull)
The Face of Concentration
Hello Darkness My Old Friend
Afternoon Serenade

Bray, it’s not grey. It’s quite OK, Bray


First taste – could it be as damp as Dublin?
Could it be as industrious?
Tower, pleased to have met you
Uphill struggle
Was worried I had landed in the wrong Glasgow, until I spotted the first cone on a statue
Insert cone
Cone Head Wellie
The Spot The Ball game
Trees don’t stand magically

Definition of irony: two high-visibility dossers, passing the time in a van called Active
The off sales are off

The Old Thingy. Established a long time ago.
Fresh. So fresh… exciting!

I do like a well designed well built old bridge

Emergency wee wee stop in a side alley (the combination of cold water, walking by a body of water and a micro bladder is a lethal one)
Side alley used for other emergencies…
Power-washer vs power-walker. Clash of the Titans.

Hello my wee star
Local icon. More of that later…
Impeccably aligned
Tempted to dive into the bonnie river Clyde…
Until I actually caught a glimpse of its true colour…
A. P. Welsh & Co & MURDOCH
“When I say 3, all look at me. One…Two… THREE!”
Wee fag break
Another wee fag break
Pigeon head

In colour, please
Jimborree – Plywood Merchant
Lemons and oranges
World Cup Fever. Oh, the excitement…
Glaswegian Canyon
Glaswegian Canyon II
Don’t piss off the wizard
Pure Gallus
Necropolis, city of the necros (trust me, I learned classical Greek in school)

Beware! Just… beware, roight?
Dead people make Glasgow
Cemetery with a view of a brewery. And not just any brewery. The Tennent brewery… quality that.
Cemetery with a view of a football stadium, slightly further in the distance. And not just any stadium. Celtic Park… quality that.

Chameleon multi-storey car park, blending in seamlessly.
Going dry, the Drygate way.
Mister T
I love my tenement lager…

Je T’aime moi non plus du tout du tout…
Boy in the hood
The long wait
Hey! I’m here!!! Behind the wee car!

Haggis neeps and tatties. Had to be done!
UFC romance

Glasgow man in the sky
Dublin men not in the sky
Not the sign want to read. Not when you are flying Emerald Airlines. Not when you are flying to Dublin…
Never thought I would ever write this… Ryanair saves the day!

Glasgow – 6th December 2022






You’ll never guess where I am…

Let There Be (a street) Light

Monday morning euphoria

Concrete Jungle

Travelling light

More of the old, more of the new

The long and winding (but mostly steep!) road

Painters wanted. A good head for heights an advantage.

Alone with his thoughts (and a cigarette)

The biggest stone arch in the world

La file pas indienne

Swapping seats

St Tropez vibe

The condensation machine

A blot on the manscape

Girl Love

Pilar of Society

Last Metro trip

Ryanair experience euphoria

Lisboa day 3 – with the heavy, old, reliable Canon

The new and the ephemeral

A city is nothing, without its suburbs

You should try the Dart, for arrival anxiety…
Blue immersion

The Guide du Croutard. There was a swarm of them. All dressed in Quechua gear.
And she’s buying a Stairway to Heaven

Melodie, unchained.
😀 Weed

Travelling incognito


The obligatory tramway shot (€500 fixed penalty for not taking at least one)
Almost as grand as Cinema Paradiso

Tarbuck, a stain on historical buildings

The obligatory porto shot (€500 fixed penalty for not taking at least one)
Cool font!
When in Rome… (the breakfast of champions)
I do love a well designed concrete structure

Jesus – the Cubic Phase

Possibly the coolest metro station in the world

Yes, very very probably

In colour, please!

Rooted in modernity

The End (once all the fuckers with carry-on suitcases have finished fighting over space in the overhead bins…)

Lisboa day 3 – tiny, featherlight camera


The Jelly Fish Antenna


The Scooters Herder

Show us your Mickey

Hand-Foot Coordination

Mini cluster of retired French teachers on a balcony

Not Panama

not dead?

4L, ma belle

The Giddy Herd

Star quality


Lisboa day 2 – with the camera that’s heavy to carry around (I should know)

Hill start paradise

Sardines sauce Coca-Cola

Get a room you two


Gran does Google Maps

Dead end

Tourism procession
Very drunk toddler

Ich bin here!
Feather light

… says a tourist with can of mass-produced spray paint
Beyond ridiculous (not a fan of bruise ships)

La croisière s’amuse pas
Ich bin here too!

Exception (I do not as a rule take photographs of homeless people)

The invention of Cat Instagram, 600 BC

The devil is in the detail

My legs are kilim me

He’s behind you! (Jean-Baptiste Poquelin)
Euphoric squat
A special moment

The Special Event Glasses

Credit Agricole en vol
The Old and the New
… one graffiti at a time

Sexist view point?

Slippery as fuck (talking from experience)

Lisboa day 2 – with the tiny camera that is so light and handy

Supersize me!

The Fault in Our Stars
Zebra Crossing
Spiky Murmuration
La Coccinelle
San Franlisboa

Waiting for his Valentine
Good for the calf muscles
Cobblestones. So aesthetically pleasing. (Slippery as fuck when wet though…)

Lisboa day 1 – with the much heavier camera


Early start

Connected Man or Charging the Battery
What hamsters do when the wheel stops
Coke isn’t it?

A cat and mouse situation

A cornelian sardine selection moment

Boy in the hood

Liars and Criminals of the World Unite

Terrassé en terrasse
Selection box of Ministros

Yogi on duty

I didn’t have €600 to spare. Pity…
Lisboa’s answer to Teddy’s Icecream

Where grocers go after they die

The view from the balcony


Lisboa day 1 – with the tiny pocket camera

Donegal country folks circa 1875
The extension
Alain can’t believe that all this…
… can fit in this!
With Michelle for scale
River Watch. (Spoiler alert: Fuck all happens…)
But.. but… I think I saw something move… THERE!
Nope. Nothing. Nothing at all.
Q: How many Unionists does it take to walk on a beach? A: Way too many…
Nirvana, this way >>>>>>
Barbecue on the lawn. Soon.
The Creature from the Tent of Doom
Two cones, one ancient glacial valley
A very scenic wee wee stop
The Irish Summer
White on blue

Donegal mishmash 2022 (With a bit of Leitrim thrown in. And the Creatures from Lough Owel – scary)