Show us your tit

Sad spectacle, that of a cold, stiff tit early in the morning.

Couldn’t stop wondering if a granite headstone isn’t just a touch extravagant for a blue tit though.

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Belly up tit


Cross strand, Belmullet

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Chocolate ain’t good for you…

moused killed in a trap

Exit stage left, pet rodent…

As usual, I had mixed feelings this morning when I found out that our stowaway pet had seen an abrupt end to its cruise on the LÉ Mememe2U.

On the one hand, I cannot help but feel sorry for the little bugger. And there was much protesting from Mimi, who tried really really hard to make a case for the cute little rodent (“but Papa, it’s only trying to make a living, it’s only living off crumbs and little bits of food, it’s not bothering us at all”). And I totally see her point. It is a cute little creature, healthy, with a shiny coat, and shiny jet black eyes, and lovely little whiskers.

On the other hand, there is one word that does not have echoes of cuteness for me: infestation. And there is such a thing as an overdose of cuteness. When the cuteness reproduces at an alarming rate.

So farewell, cute little rodent. I know that the end was quick. Those mouse traps are terribly effective at achieving what they were designed to do. What a timeless, classic design too.

You had the choice between the cheese and the chocolate. Your sweet tooth was your Achilles’ heel.

You also helped me to reinforce a point to Mimi, the great defender of small cute rodents (she bought you at least three extra weeks of careless crumbs hoovering chez mememe2U): chocolate ain’t good for you.

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Ash Wednesday, George’s Street, Dun Laoghaire

I am not religious.
Yet I have a lot of respect for the tradition of Ash Wednesday.
Every year I ask people on the street if they wouldn’t mind me taking their portrait, with the ash mark on their forehead.
While most of the time people would normally be weary of a stranger taking their photograph, the vast majority today were willing participants.
For one day people are proud to display their beliefs, their tradition, their sense of belonging. Their awareness of mortality.
Ash to ash. Dust to dust.

A million thanks to you all for your good-humoured, spontaneous participation.

(You’ll have to scroll to the bottom to meet my youngest participants to date)


















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Ash to ash



Not a great Monday morning.

For me, when I sneaked a quick peek at my inbox (what was I thinking?!)
For Gully the gull, with the eyes wider than the beak, upon realising that the plaice that he had nicked from the trawler would be of little use to him.
For the misplaced plaice. So close from the sea (50 meters at the most).

Yet so far.

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Feeling somewhat out of plaice

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Lauded killer


The Yaris, this loaded weapon, has once again received the highest accolade: the Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence 2016.

Sample of user reviews:

8/10 – “I can’t quite afford the Nissan Leaf, aka the Silent Killer, but this is the closest I can get to a weapon of mass destruction. Ageing technology but it still gets the job done: scored 12 hits on my way back from Tesco last Tuesday”
Margaret Kinahan – Baldoyle

9/10 – “Can’t beat the good aul Yaris. Still has tons of street cred. The kids in my estate shit themselves when they hear me revving the beast at 8,000 rpm in second gear as I attempt to leave my driveway. Wouldn’t give it up for love nor money.”
Bridget Murphy – Cabinteely

10/10 – “Yaris rulz ok! Them losers in Nissan Micras don’t have a shaggin clue. The Yaris always wins in the pedestrians per mile contests. It’s a beast!”
Dervla Connolly – Bray

9/10 – “Love my Yaris, love it. It feels like it can read my mind. It is me and I am it. It’s like an extension of my own body. It is my fists for pounding, my forehead for head-butting, my feet for kicking.”
Bernadette Riley – Finglas

11/10 – “Best navigation system in the world. When I get plastered with the girls after Bingo, it always gets me back home. I got mine in red, the blood marks from felled pedestrians are less noticeable.”
Fionnuala O’Malley – Ballybough

9/10 – “Deadly! Fookin’ deadly! Quite literally”
Molly Byrne – Crumlin



Not just an idiomatic expression.

My underwear does need changing.

Laura-Lucy, you big lunatic…










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Shit scared