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Dream on Luca, dream on.

Nice try, but you see… the Tooth Fairy wasn’t born yesterday.



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The move


Or the paralysis preventing the making of.

– (ok, ok. If I see at least one red sailing boat in the next minute, I move my right foot closer to her left foot)
– (I’m freezing my butt off. What is he waiting for?)
– (do something for f*%& sake. do something NOW. Ok, ok, if I see an odd number of seagulls between now and the disappearance of that Ryanair Boeing 737-800 series on final approach to DUB, I put my hand on her shoulder)
– (when I think that I shaved my legs. and did my bikini line… there is no way this guy has ever been anywhere near a bikini line. What an idiot I am)
– (ok, ok, I have to do something now. If the next person walking past us has a dog, I take her hand… if it’s a black dog. With a red collar)