Femdom costumes are all the rage these days

Colette and Diarmuid always insisted on looking their best at a wedding.

Today’s union in matrimony of young Dervla and Declan would be an extra special event, as it happened to coincide with Coco and Didi’s own plastic wedding anniversary.

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The wedding


Playing my trump card for Halloween

This year, I have decided to go for a minimalist yet effective option.

Total cost: EUR1.50

And still, I almost soil myself each time I look up from my computer screen.

To be fair, I almost soil myself each time I look at my screen too. Such is the amount of emailed nonsense that lands there at regular interval.

What can I say, I am surrounded by beauty…

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Halloween-ween situation


One life. Live it

like the selfish, wasteful bollix that you are…

The slogan fits the car so well.
You’ve never been snowed in. Not in Blackrock, no. You’ve never had to gather cattle in the Wicklow mountains.
You’ve never needed a big shaggin petrol guzzling 4×4.

95% of your mileage is done in the city center.

You have one life, and boy you are living it.

Like a tumor.

I don’t quite believe that you belong to the same species as the guys who built Newgrange.
You are one stage of evolution further.

On the path to oblivion.

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One life. Live it



Octopus toastie for brunch.
And very tasty it was too!

Now, to floss out the bits of tentacles stuck between my teeth… 

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So long, suckers



Shite, Donnacha, you remember that arts council grant we got last year, yes, the one for which we wrote the 25 page concept. Yes, that one. Well, I have just reread the small print, and we may have to pay it back unless we produce an actual piece. Yeah, me too. I thought that the concept was enough. But they’re actually expecting a work of art, the greedy exploiting bastards. Pass me the pot of red paint and the hammer, I can feel a piece coming. I’ve always hated the shaggin small print…

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It’s oart, loike



Keep your pants on Met Eireann…
It’s January after all. Temperatures between 2 degrees (Celsius…) and minus 1 degree do not warrant getting your knickers in a twist.
I am getting really tired of this sensationalist-scare-mongering-we’ve-got-fuck-all-better-to-do weather forecasting…

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Orange warning