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Another one bagged


The 2013 Halloween season is officially over.
The best one ever, according to Luca, who really liked his grim and proper costume.
The best one ever, according to Mimi, who set a new record of blood sugar levels.
The best one ever, according to Finn, who is easily led by his brother and sister.

Finally, now we can relax.

What did you say Mimi?
When is Christmas?

Easy: 54 days.
You what? You don’t understand. Let me rephrase that.

Christmas is in 864 Ice Age 1 movie, played back to back.
Or 2160 Pokemon episodes.

Or 7776 episodes of Tom and Jerry.

art, dublin, dun laoghaire, ireland, parenting, photography, portrait

Emergency situation


I’m not talking about Finn, who had to have lip balm applied without delay, there and then (it’s a good thing that Mimi always carries some emergency supplies in her Fishy Bag…)


No the real emergency were the last few words I heard Mrs Raheny speak as I made a hasty exit to take the kids out for some fresh air.
Something to do with the shed. And the attic. And the recycling center.

It’s never good to hear the three mentioned in the same sentence.
Especially the recycling center. I absolutely hate the shaggin place. EUR30 for the privilege of seeing three morons having a laugh and a cigarette, one elbow casually resting on the side of the obsolete Trinitrons skip, while you burst your arse extracting 3 tons worth of broken tricycles and plastic trucks from the boot of your car.
These three elite members of the council are no doubt (inbred) cousins of the guys who run the Ballymore Eustace Water Treatment Plant in Co Kildare.

I tried to make the morning outing with the kids as long as possible in the hope that she would forget about her nefarious plan.

We went to see the seals at the Ice Box (Finn couldn’t remember ever seeing one from up close) and walked all the way to the Martello tower at Seapoint.


And spent ages playing with a dead dogfish and a dead octopus on the way back.


I even considered threatening her by text message to recommission the nose ring that I thought looked cool on me 23 years ago (even back then I was the only one…)


When we got back home, I could not get in.

The front door was partially blocked by an old futon mattress and that shite Epson printer that broke two weeks outside of the guarantee period seven years ago.

I was doomed.

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When good crusades go bad


The Aztecs invaded Dalkey hill in 1323.
Their first move was to build a mini pyramid.
Then they captured Padraic O’Donnell and had him tied at the top of the pyramid, ready to be sacrificed to the Sun god.
They’d cut open his sun drenched chest with the sacrificial knife and hold his still barely beating heart aloft in the glorious rays.

After a wait of three and half years they gave up and fecked off back home to Aztecia.
It was a long, bitter and disillusioned paddle back to the motherland.
That was the end of their missionary aspirations.

Padraic O’Donnell breathed an almighty sigh of relief, set up a still on top of the pyramid and drank to the Greast Drizzle God until the end of his life three weeks later (quality potato alcohol was hard to come by in those days).


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It’s a feline line


between sunlight appreciation and sloth. 

I had just been spending a surprisingly blissful 20 minutes maximizing exposure to the sun rays flooding the duvet when Mrs mememe2U came into the room and started talking about clearing the attic and shed of all the useless crap that we will never use again.

Somehow the moment was lost (I was trying to harness my inner cat, in preparation for another future life).