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Poorly-clothed Peig


I got myself a photographic gig.
For the cover of the re-edition of Peig Sayers, A Lifetime of Misery on the West Coast of Ireland.

I am going to pay for this.
The heavy price…



The Irish Summer, it’s a state of mind.

a splash of colour... quite literally, art, ireland, life lesson, marine biology, mayo, monochrome, photography

Mind over matter


mde– Abort!!! I repeat, abort!!!

– Shite… too late


– Oh Jayzus, it’s freeeezin’

a splash of colour... quite literally, art, dublin, dun laoghaire, he died for our sins, ireland, life lesson, marine biology, monochrome, photography

Leap of faith



Luca learned the hard way that reading the Art of War does not necessarily mean that it becomes easier to beat his dad at Risk.

Elsewhere a far from clear-cut world cup final match left the Raheny household divided.
Finn, the only footballer of the household took any goal that came the French way with delight, no matter how undeserved it was.
For the other four members of the family, the total unfairness of goal 1 (and to some extent goal 2), meant that the outcome was not a joyous one.
The Croatian side played a beautiful, exciting game once again, and worked incredibly well as a team. They should have reaped the benefits of such cohesion and dedication.
Tonight, it wasn’t to be. Fate does not always favour beautiful football.

Finn and Macron begged to differ.

As well as millions of not-so-phlegmatic French people, according to reports from the mother ship by my mates Red and Jaybroek.



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Some days are longer than others.

Some days don’t really exist.

Some days are an eternity.

Some days blend into each other.

Some days are those last few, at the end of days.



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On the relativity of time

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Feasting on the Beast from the East


Once again, the nightmarish scenes predicted by Met Eireann materialised, and this is the sorry spectacle that awaited in the driveway this morning: the car was well and truly stuck in snow drifts.
Thankfully I was able to cram 4 sliced pans under each wheel and gained traction. That panic buying with the rest of the Dublin population yesterday was well worth it!
Braving the 0 °C temperature to proceed to the wedging of the bread under the pneumatic implements was no small feat. Imagine that, zero degrees, in February?!?!
I had to wear gloves, for fuck sake. And a scarf!

As I type hundreds of school principals around the country have the right index finger on the panic button, ready to press it as soon as three snowflakes coalesce in the school yard, to immediately (and indefinitely) shut the schools down. For health and safety reasons. Obviously.

I guess that we have the mass media, and the mass hysteria, that we deserve. 
We make it easy for them. We love nothing better than to click on links of promised doom, or the latest Orange Man imbecilic quote, or hilarious videos of farting pandas. 
We are happy to allow them broadcast their alarmist crap in our living rooms, on our radios in our car, in our few surviving daily newspapers. 

They feed us the shite we thrive on. 

It takes two to tango. 


… dust to dust.




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Ashes to ashes…