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The semi shitbag


The last few years have seen the emergence of a new sort of lowlife: the Semi Shitbag.
A citizen halfway between the Certified Scumbag who will leave his/her dog crap on the pier and happily walk away pretending that nothing happened (that ‘nothing’ can be found at regular intervals – every 4th step on average), and the Responsible Dog Owner who has adopted the pick & dispose ethos a long time ago.

The Semi Shitbag actually goes through the effort of bagging (which in itself should be praised and encouraged) but then lets the rest of the pier-walking population down by dropping the result of his/her careful packaging there and then.

I often wonder why.
Why only go half way? Why this tepid inbetweenism?

Be a rebel! Look proudly around you as your four-legged companion drops a load and comment loudly on the shape/smell/quantity of the offering, invite passers-by to admire this beautiful natural phenomenon for themselves and walk away head held up high with a cheery “so long suckaz!”

Or be a decent person. Pick and dispose.

But do not go “yuk, it’s mushy, and it’s warm, and it’s incredibly heavy, and, oh my God, it actually stinks through the bag, and I couldn’t possibly carry this ignominy for another 200 yards to the next bin, I’ll drop it here”.

Because that would make you a Semi Shitbag

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Duck surprise


of the nasty kind. The surprise, not the duck, poor bastard.

A nasty surprise it was for Mrs mememe2U.
And for Finnzy-Bob.
And most of all for the duck.

Finn was really traumatised yesterday. Poor little thing.

Mrs mememe2U did stop the car, and thought that all the semi-wild mallards that live outside the house of the uncouth-man-who-hates-people-in-general-but-likes-ducks had returned to their sleeping patch on the footpath outside his house, rather than their snoozing spot in the middle of the road.

They all had.

But one.

Mrs mememe2U’s back wheels hit it when she took off.

Shower of feathers and distressing frantic quaking ensued. And the screams of the men-hater-ducks-lover. And Finnzy-Bob screaming with distress in his back seat.

Mrs mememe2U had to park the car. And try to put the fatally wounded duck out of its misery. And get the abuse from the man-who-hates-people-even-more-especially-murdering-women-drivers. And try to console Finnzy-Bob who was was crying hysterically by then…

When I got home tears were fresh in people’s eyes, young and old.

And I wasn’t even allowed to cook the duck…

I tried to reason with Mrs mememe2U. But she wouldn’t have it in the house, as if it were a vector of plague.
I tried to explain to her that it was a very healthy specimen (until she drove on it that is).
And that the poor duck’s pointless death would have been just a little bit less pointless once the two seared breasts had landed in my plate, with just a few caramelised baby onions and a nice red wine jus.

But she would have none it.

What a waste.

Some people really don’t give a duck.

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Kidless (I kid you not)



Yes please, ma’am, I’ll have a big slice.
I’ll even go for a second helping of quiet if you don’t mind.

And relaaaaaaaaaax.

There is a lot to be said for living close to the water. Of the salty type.
It smells gorgeous. It’s soothing for the soul.

But then again, so is a trip to Tesco, as long as I don’t have the kids in tow…

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– Boss, boss! There she’s is. Molly ¡Arriba! Speedy O’Gonzales. Flying round the corner of the old library.
– She won’t try it Donnacha, not today, it’s too wet, look, she still has the slicks on.
– No, no, boss. Look at the determination on her face. She’s already doing 45, at least. Today is the day, today we clock her over the 50 kph limit!