Time is a relative thing.
There is the time of laughter and parties that are over in the blink of an eye.
There is the time of the last class on a Friday afternoon.
There is Sunday morning time, incredibly boring when a kid, nice and unhurried as an adult.
There is the time of reckoning.
There is the time of the day, and those who won’t give it to you.
There is Prince’s Time.
There is Time Magazine.
There is parsley, sage, rosemary. And time.
There is timeliness and there is hurry.

And there is the time of the guy stuck in the most boring room of a modern art museum.
Each syrupy second of it.
A jellyfied sort of time.
The time to lose the will to live.

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This is balls… Disco balls…




Everything was.

Especially the tie.

The shaggin tie…

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At least Seamus still had all four wheels on his mobility thingy.

Fourth day of wearing a suit, shirt and tie. I’m sure that in no time at all I won’t even notice it anymore. 

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Laura loved ships. With a passion. She’d love nothing better than getting a gentle neck rub while watching ships on the horizon.
But Dave never got the hints.
Dave was mostly wondering if it would be ok to whip his smartphone out and watch the highlights of Liverpool – Manchester City.

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Ship thrills



Wow. What a day. Life is so strange outside of the Mistake Factory.
I met Carlos for lunch. We went to Kyoto for some Asian food. I went for my five lunchtime dives at the 40 Foot.
What’s new, says you? I do that at least once a week. I call it the slice of delight in my shit sandwich.
Well, the difference today is that the shit sandwich had vanished.

Thanks Carlos for the photo.

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Roar like a lion, soar like a turkey



Wow! Tesco have just launched the sale of the century.
Form an orderly queue ladies and gentlemen. Grab yourself a bargain. While stocks last.

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Every (very very) little helps



The Italian students eating their packed lunch at the Forty Foot today did not deem it a perfect day for a swim.
Others begged to differ.

Gli irlandesi sono pazzi

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Perfection is a relative concept