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Someone give Mum a hug


Can’t you see that her nerves are in shreds?
Finnzy, it may be your first day in “big” school.
But it’s her fourth.
Her own was traumatic enough.
And then she has relived the first-day-in-school drama for each of you. With interests.

For a few minutes I thought that she was going to faint after dropping Finn and Mimi in their new school.

Luca was exemplary in his behaviour. I was so proud of him. He held Finn’s hand all the way from the yard to his seat at the table that had the most toy cars on it, explained to him that it was fine to have butterflies in his stomach, that he had them on his first day in big school, that he gets them each year when he starts in a new class (his turn is on Monday).

I wish I had thought of asking Luca to hold Mrs Raheny’s hand on the way to school.
Except that he couldn’t as we all cycled to school (what a Green Party poster that would have been…) because we were running late. On day one… (and not because we are of a Green Party persuasion… Green Partyism in Ireland is mostly about lentil soup parties, and getting slowly but steadily pissed on organic wine in a gas-heated gazeboed back garden in Dublin 6, while discussing Saoirse’s progress in the Irish school, the one without a single Polish immigrant’s kid in Junior Infants).

Finn, Mimi, and especially you Luca, I am incredibly proud of you today.

Chica, I think you need a glass of vino to settle the nerves, and perhaps an episode or two of House of Cards on Netflix.



art, dublin, dun laoghaire, funny, humour, ireland, photography

Doctor Grab & Run


– Smile honey, smile, that’s it. Big happy, carefree, ear to ear, sparkling-white-teeth smile. The passers-by never notice happiness. Best camouflage there is. And if by any chance they notice happiness, they resent it, find it obscene and look away.

– I’m smiling, sweetie, I’m smiling, I’m actually getting cramps from all that smiling…

– Good, good, now… concentrate on her bag. We keep smiling like mad eedjits and we’ll do a bit of sauntering in her direction. Nothing too obvious. Little saunter. Big, big, carefree, innocent-looking smile… and now start leaning forward…

– I’m leaning, I’m leaning… and smiling,,, Jeez my maxillofacial muscles hurt… I’m extending my arm…

– Good, good, now concentrate on her bag… You remembered to leave the engine running on the getaway motorbike, didn’t you?

– Oops, shite. No. Are you sure it was my turn?

– Abort! Abort! Too risky. Let’s saunter back into the pharmacy, big smile, saunter. Carefree. Abort. Too risky. Let’s go back inside and sell them overpriced Pfizer smarties.

– At least it’s legal robbery. Big smile. Big smile, let’s head back in. Better luck next time… Jeez, you’ve forgotten to cut the grass. You’ve forgotten again to cut the grass, Doc Morris. 

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Don’t you just love them.

I do!

And they most definitely do.
They get very excited each year when the blackberry season starts again.

They are delicious, cheap (you bet!) and packed with vitamins.

A win-win-win situation.

Oops, Mrs mememe2U has just spotted the stains in Finnzy-Bob’s jumper.
And went bananas.
It’s a win-win-win-LOSE situation…

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Lunch Break



With a capital B.
On the breakwater. 

A chicken was devoured. 
With a bit of rocket, to fuel my I-eat-greens delusion. 
Rays were soaked in.
We talked macro. Cosmic. Evolutionary. Metaphysical. 

Then a cocky cocker spaniel grabbed my chicken baguette. 

Then we headed back to the POW. 
It wasn’t macro. Or cosmic. Or evolutionary. Or metaphysical

But it pays for the chicken. That goes in the baguette.

That gets nicked by the cocky cocker spaniel.