… dust to dust.




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Ashes to ashes…


Somewhere in Ireland. January 2018


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Beach with 4 strangers


I sometimes see her in the morning. The Dog Whisperer.
Who actually manages to get all four of them to walk together, at the same pace, with no excessive pulling, bickering, impetuous urine sprinkling or tangles in the leashes.

I have absolutely no idea how she does it.

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The magichienne


Minor poet, major can of spray paint…

Of it.

The colours.

And the message. So profound, that it has to be copyrighted. Genius is in short supplies these days. And often gets copied. Without permission.
Permission. So crucial.

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Andrew would have loved his lunch breaks to be full of surprises.
It was therefore a pity that nothing ever happened.
He sat, ate his sandwiches, drank his coffee. And eventually left, returned to the office and his ledgers.
With a faint but deeply-rooted sense of growing void at the very chore of his being.

But it was unfair to say that nothing ever happened.

He once witnessed a particularly vicious fight between two magpies.
In August 2002.

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Adrenaline rush



Femdom costumes are all the rage these days

Colette and Diarmuid always insisted on looking their best at a wedding.

Today’s union in matrimony of young Dervla and Declan would be an extra special event, as it happened to coincide with Coco and Didi’s own plastic wedding anniversary.

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The wedding



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The Octopede