Not a great Monday morning.

For me, when I sneaked a quick peek at my inbox (what was I thinking?!)
For Gully the gull, with the eyes wider than the beak, upon realising that the plaice that he had nicked from the trawler would be of little use to him.
For the misplaced plaice. So close from the sea (50 meters at the most).

Yet so far.

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Feeling somewhat out of plaice



At least, they don’t make me wear my poo tied in a bag around my neck in the Mistake Factory.


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And I thought I was having a bad day…



Manufacturing fun and frolics since 1996.

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The Mistake Factory



Thank you Luca, for still deigning to accompany us on a forest walk.
A teenager, and yet not putting up too much of a fight at the idea of spending an hour or two in the forest with your aul mum and dad and brother Finnzy-Bob.

While Mimi was in her second home.
The gym.
Doing gym. Nastics.

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Thank you



Don’t even think about it, on you go. Go!!!
Stop that! You can’t stop here. This stop is not in use.


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A brisk walk (in orange alert weather!) to the library, and a half hour road trip through 1974 America thanks to Stephen Shore.

Great way to clear the head.

Then I was accosted by two kids on the street who were screaming “Dad! Daddy! Papa!”
They were actually mine. It still cost me 8 slices of Italian salami from the Granny Aisle…

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Keep your pants on Met Eireann…
It’s January after all. Temperatures between 2 degrees (Celsius…) and minus 1 degree do not warrant getting your knickers in a twist.
I am getting really tired of this sensationalist-scare-mongering-we’ve-got-fuck-all-better-to-do weather forecasting…

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Orange warning