Somewhere in Ireland. January 2018


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Beach with 4 strangers



On his lunch break, David liked to ponder upon the exaggerated place humans assigned to themselves in the universe.

He tried to be at one with the ocean.

He strived to blend in with nature, with no sense of superiority over that passing seagull, or that gust of wind, or the electric flash of that mullet beneath the surface.

He relished the smell of the gentle marine breeze in his avid nostrils.

He tasted the saltiness of the sea with each pore of his skin.

But most of all, he was wondering what the fuck could possibly hold up Paul, whose turn it was to fetch the Big Mac meals, with supersized French fries and diet Coke.

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Head space

a splash of colour... quite literally, art, dublin, dun laoghaire, ireland, marine biology, photography, sunny, tourism, travel

A day when flipflops were worn

Sea kayaking in the harbour, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin

and indecent amounts of flesh were exposed. Comfortably.
Another scorcher of a day (almost reached the mid twenties, I kid you not!)

A day for basking in the sun.

For those not locked up in the Mistake Factory…

Still, Pepe kindly agreed to do a babysit at short notice and Mrs mememe2U and I went for a quick paddle around the harbour at dusk.

All rather lovely.

Once Mrs mememe2U stopped sulking.



Octopus toastie for brunch.
And very tasty it was too!

Now, to floss out the bits of tentacles stuck between my teeth… 

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So long, suckers



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Cold? What cold?



Today was definitely the perfect day to book a windsurfing beginner’s class.

On a calm day, one would feel a bit foolish not being able to stand on the shaggin board.
But in the pounding waves and heavy swell, it looks normal.

Even the pros a bit further out kept crashing at speed.

Tsk… Neoprene-clad lunatics…

a splash of colour... quite literally, art, dublin, ireland, marine biology, monkstown, photography, seapoint, tourism, travel

Board management

a splash of colour... quite literally, art, dublin, dun laoghaire, funny, global warming my arse, humour, ireland, marine biology, photography

Smart-arse buoy


Copy of a report found by mememe2U while rooting in the bins outside Irish Lights (don’t ask…) 

Smartbuoy #17174 to Oirish Loights Headquarters.

Yo Dudes, it’s me, smartbuoy. What’s the craic? How are they hangin’?
Anyways, here’s me report, today, around 6 pm, or thereabout.
– Navigation: can’t see no shaggin boats anywhere, so shag all risk of collision, they’re safe!
– Wind: it’s blowy as fuck around here! You’re lucky to be back in the swanky no-expenses-spared HQ. I’m tellin’ ya. Direction: it’s going horizontally, it’s so shagin’ strong! Same for the rain it carries…
– Sea state: it’s in a right aul state all right, lemme tell ya. Pissed off it is!
– Water temperature: are yize kidding? It’s shaggin freezin’ so it is. It’s the Irish Sea for fuck sake, I haven’t drifted west to the Caribbean. I haven’t seen my nads for the last three years it’s so bleedin’ cold.

Anyways lads, scan my QR Code or kiss my wet cold arse, I couldn’t give a flying f****
Keep it funk, roigh?!