Jayzis, no bother there buddy. You won’t get stuck when it’s time to head back home. There’s no shortage of fuel, if you know wha’ oy mean.
A wind-powered cruisin’ ship, now, that’s rapid! An’ a fine lookin’ yoke she is too.
The day you invent a rain-powered engine, you can come back here, and break world records!

Now, for the parking, it’s not wind-powered oy’m afraid.
Yep, it’s a foiver a day.
Cash, if you don’t mind, buddy.
No need to get the tax man involved. Know wha’ oy mean?

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It runs on what? Wind?!


IMG_6838Some shop fronts, and cars, are destined to disappear sooner than later.
That’s the order of things.
It is a bit silly to hang on desperately to the past.
I do like to capture them while they are still around though, and pin them here and in a few hard drives, the odd print, the even rarer photobook.

That’s my inner butterfly collector coming to the surface.

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Conservatory order



This is… ahem… the end of summer.
The next season, just around the corner, is autumn. Not spring.

He may be trying to trick you into thinking that the mating season is upon us by wearing his red shorts but nothing could be further from the truth.

Brace yourself for a wetter, gloomier, colder, longer season that makes the Irish “summer” sound like a trip to Disneyland.

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Out of season



Peadar knows that there are not that many nice moments left in life.
So he is milking them.
Every sun ray is a special sun ray.
Every cigarette is a special cigarette.
Every cigarette in the sun is a blessed moment.
He knows. He is counting his blessed moments on his plastic rosary beads.
Next to his two mobile phones.
And his tobacco box with the blue and white saltire.

Peadar is milking it.
He is a nice guy.

I know. I had a chat with him.
I didn’t just steal his image.

It was nice.

I have to stop behaving like a thief.

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Stolen moment



Aw, bless them…
The Sunshine Cafe persisting in displaying a menu written in something as water-resistant as chalk on slate…

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* Allergy warning – may contain traces of irony



Hans suddenly remembered that missing Euro coin.
It had been bothering him all morning.
Olga’s left back pocket would be a good starting point for a systematic search.

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Alone at last



I could tell almost instantly, as they reached the bottom of the steps at White Rock, that Johnny and his dad did not quite share the same level of enthusiasm for surfing.
As the latter was squeezing the former in his wetsuit, promises of epic fun may even have been made.

Two face plants in the sand later, and little Johnny was definitely having no more of that nonsense.

He opted to hide in a crevice.

I did not rat on him.

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What’s the crag, Johnny?