At least, they don’t make me wear my poo tied in a bag around my neck in the Mistake Factory.


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And I thought I was having a bad day…



When Darren invented camoball, he was pretty sure that he would rapidly become a millionaire.

But as the sales failed to materialise, he soon lost momentum.

He hit a wall.

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Fancy a game of camoball?



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Love is in the air



There was I.
Pretty sure to have clinched the title of Most Knackered Person of the Week, after a surprisingly tiring 4 day week. But Mrs mememe2U snatched it from under my exhausted feet.

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Dream on



Time for romance.
And in love.

So blissfully alone.

We had a third consecutive day of sunshine today. Again. Not even two weeks after the 4-day heatwave (when the thermometer reached 21 degrees on two distinct occasions).

There are rumours that we may actually be bang in the middle of a summer.

Who would have thunk??? 

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Just for Christmas


An over-sized cuddly St Bernard toy is just for Christmas. Not for life.

By 5 January the kids rarely play with it. By 10 February they hardly give it a side glance. By 18 March they have forgotten it even exists.

It takes the parents a good deal longer to summon the energy to round  up all the useless shite around the house and dump it outside the door of the charity shop.