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Lauded killer


The Yaris, this loaded weapon, has once again received the highest accolade: the Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence 2016.

Sample of user reviews:

8/10 – “I can’t quite afford the Nissan Leaf, aka the Silent Killer, but this is the closest I can get to a weapon of mass destruction. Ageing technology but it still gets the job done: scored 12 hits on my way back from Tesco last Tuesday”
Margaret Kinahan – Baldoyle

9/10 – “Can’t beat the good aul Yaris. Still has tons of street cred. The kids in my estate shit themselves when they hear me revving the beast at 8,000 rpm in second gear as I attempt to leave my driveway. Wouldn’t give it up for love nor money.”
Bridget Murphy – Cabinteely

10/10 – “Yaris rulz ok! Them losers in Nissan Micras don’t have a shaggin clue. The Yaris always wins in the pedestrians per mile contests. It’s a beast!”
Dervla Connolly – Bray

9/10 – “Love my Yaris, love it. It feels like it can read my mind. It is me and I am it. It’s like an extension of my own body. It is my fists for pounding, my forehead for head-butting, my feet for kicking.”
Bernadette Riley – Finglas

11/10 – “Best navigation system in the world. When I get plastered with the girls after Bingo, it always gets me back home. I got mine in red, the blood marks from felled pedestrians are less noticeable.”
Fionnuala O’Malley – Ballybough

9/10 – “Deadly! Fookin’ deadly! Quite literally”
Molly Byrne – Crumlin



Mr Nissan-me-me-me-look-at-me-Juke-the-joker has obviously not read the memo on mandatory boring colour schemes for cars.
He’ll learn. He’ll get back in line.

Talking about lines, he is parked under the double yellow ones.

As I type, the drones of the DLRCOCO Parking Services are on their way to deliver a well-deserved ticket.

In other news, Finn managed to produce his first armpit fart today. After weeks of trying. I was almost as chuffed as he was. I asked him who showed him, and who is the best at armpits farts in his class. It happens to be the one and same person: Oisin.

He has been showing off his superior armpit farting skills for weeks.

It looks like he has a competitor now. 

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Yes, it’s that great!

Just managed to grab a quick shot between a 9 hour meeting in the Mistake Factory and a two hour meal in Avoca. 
One was surprisingly enjoyable.

The other was unsurprisingly enjoyable. Top food and company. 

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Costa Del Dun Laoghaire



Hey Anto? Stoary, bud? When you’re done paintin’ dem basketball posts, you wudn’t do me Moicra, wit’ de leftover paint? Wud ya? Dat’s a lad.

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Kilbarrack Xtreme Colour Coordination



Micras and pigeons.

What’s not to love about them?

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It’s Saab to say…


… you must be on your way.

Farewell, old Saab.

I know, I know, we started off on the wrong foot.
But you ended up delivering just over three years of fine motoring.
Ok, fine-ish motoring. You were no Volvo V70.
We never took you on cross-country drives, we kind of knew that cross-city was about as much as we could expect.
But you did it. For three years. And you always started in the morning, without fail.
Your turbo did not fail on that first fateful week. Just the dumping valve (must some sort of automotive speak for car anus).
You were a bit of a petrol guzzler, but I knew it from the start.
You’ve been good to us, but it is now time to part.

Good luck old lady.