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A day when shorts were worn

Walkers basking in the sun on the pier in Dun Laoghaire


A day when t-shirts were paraded.
Without pain!

A day when the GoosePimpleOMeter* recorded no positive hits on the pier! (Except perhaps for the Italian guy and the three Spanish girls who briefly unzipped their North Pole anoraks to reach for their wallet – but it doesn’t count).

A day when the thermometer hit a dizzying 23 degrees (Celsius!)
In the shade!!! (Met Eireann usually go by the temperature in the sunlight, under a looking glass, to con us into thinking that we live in a country with a near-Mediterranean climate, and no windchill)

Somehow I doubt that it will be enough to convince Mrs Raheny to pack away the winter duvet.

It’s going to be a sweat-fest for me tonight.

And it won’t be from the passion…

* patent pending

Record temperatures in Dun Laoghaire today

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Have a nice day


That was the caption for the start of my day, shitty, mildly irritating but funny at the same time.

And then I heard about the Manchester terrorist attack.

One would think that there cannot be any gradation in horror. But there is.
The very choice of the target is sickeningly evil. A concert attended by excited pre-teens. For some of them their first concert ever.

For some of them their last concert ever.

With no possibility of bringing the perpetrator to justice. But how do you bring justice to the maimed, to the broken relatives of the dead, to the stunned community?

This sad, deluded, sick person is dead. Vapourised into nothingness. It was an undeservedly quick death for the bastard. He is nothing now and we shall not mention him anymore, because that would keep him alive for the little bit longer that he should not be granted.

What he believed in is also nothing. A mirage. An illusion. A cancer.

What is very real is the hurt and distress and inability to comprehend for those who are left behind.

What is very real is the 22 gaping holes in the universes of hundreds of people for whom 23 May 2017 will not gradually becomes a distant, less painful memory.

What is very real is a new, less colourful, more traumatic life for the scores of injured kids, teens and adults for whom 23 May will remain the essence of evil.

My thoughts are very much with them right now.

My car door handle is crying today.


One life. Live it

like the selfish, wasteful bollix that you are…

The slogan fits the car so well.
You’ve never been snowed in. Not in Blackrock, no. You’ve never had to gather cattle in the Wicklow mountains.
You’ve never needed a big shaggin petrol guzzling 4×4.

95% of your mileage is done in the city center.

You have one life, and boy you are living it.

Like a tumor.

I don’t quite believe that you belong to the same species as the guys who built Newgrange.
You are one stage of evolution further.

On the path to oblivion.

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One life. Live it

Divine apparition in Glasthule

Divine apparition in Glasthule

And there was light.
Or rather lights. Two of them.

What one can find in Buckley’s on auction day is nothing short of miraculous.

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Let there be light


motivational message

I believe that the temperature of the water in Dublin bay is currently* unsafe for human immersion.

And I achieved another day without immersion in the arctic water of Dublin bay.


* as well as 99.8% of the time

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Believe and achieve


The result of many years of testing in the wind tunnel.
Honda C75

Designed for speed, hang on to your helmet Amigo!

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A timeless classic


the passive aggressive stance

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The passive-aggressive stance