It was just the dog walker and me at Seapoint this morning.
And a lone swimmer.
So just two sane persons, and a dog, to enjoy the beautiful, cold, still, crisp morning.
After walking Luca to school, I headed for the Mistake Factory via the sea front. And took my time.
I made a 40 minute journey last an hour an 10 minutes.
It was beautiful.

I’ll walk Luca to school more often.
Now that I can walk. Again.

Had clocked just under 9 km by the time I read my first appallingly irritating email, and typed a reply which required all the willpower I could muster to sound professional.

For the walk back home in the evening, it was heavy fog and magic shadows.

These two walks almost made the big slice of Mistake Factory in between bearable.

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All before work



I forge ahead, on this rapidly diminishing walkway between sea and sky.

At the other end, the promised land, the Mistake Factory and its many delights.

I forge ahead, between sea and sky.

Wet and dizzy and excited.

I run to thee, sweet Mistake Factory.

a splash of colour... quite literally, art, dublin, dun laoghaire, ireland, photography, seapoint, tourism, travel

Tiderope walker


motivational message

I believe that the temperature of the water in Dublin bay is currently* unsafe for human immersion.

And I achieved another day without immersion in the arctic water of Dublin bay.


* as well as 99.8% of the time

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Believe and achieve



Today was definitely the perfect day to book a windsurfing beginner’s class.

On a calm day, one would feel a bit foolish not being able to stand on the shaggin board.
But in the pounding waves and heavy swell, it looks normal.

Even the pros a bit further out kept crashing at speed.

Tsk… Neoprene-clad lunatics…

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Board management



Yes, it’s that great!

Just managed to grab a quick shot between a 9 hour meeting in the Mistake Factory and a two hour meal in Avoca. 
One was surprisingly enjoyable.

The other was unsurprisingly enjoyable. Top food and company. 

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Costa Del Dun Laoghaire



I’d be willing to bet that there is an allegory somewhere in there, compliments of the Council Litter Management Services, but I’ll be damned if I can find it.

Actually, I’ll be damned for picturing the promulgator of the Evangelium Vitae encyclical letter in a less than flattering light…

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Signs of the times









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Blowing the cobwebs