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Cloud cover clips wings of solar eclipse

9.20 AM

The sky over Dublin is grey and dark.

Just like on a very overcast day. This highly unusual sight brings the city to a halt. Oops, no. It’s just the Dart. It has broken down at Grand Canal Dock.

At least Iarnrod Eireann have an original excuse: “Ladies and gentlemen, this is your driver speaking. On behalf of Irish Rail, I would like to apologise for this unforeseen delay due to a partial solar eclipse”



9.28 AM

Just as we were about to get a bit of a sunny spell, some shaggin celestial object got in the way and ruined our unique tanning opportunity of the day. Oh, bollix…



9.35 AM 

Dark, depressing grey laden sky hanging 87 yards overhead. Thanks be to god, we’re back to normal!



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