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Mimiggy Pop

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Feeling somewhat deflated


I am.
And so is Santa.
He was trying to blow the garden gnome (festive treat) but miscalculated the angle and ended in an itchy embrace with an undersized bush.

I on the other hand was deflated because of the lack of Christmas spirit in the Mistake Factory.
Although there were scores of headless turkeys running around, flapping their wings.

Gobble, gobble, gobble!

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Ho ho ho, oh bollix…


Sorry little dudes, I have difficult news for yize…
Santa was busy working in the Greater Kilbarrack area.
Flat out he was.

Until he got flattened by a reversing recycling truck (the glass recycling bank was overflowing again, 4th time this week).

Jayzis, this dreadful sight has me all deflated…



That will be #2
This series is turning into a cliff hanger…

My mission: to trap them faster than they reproduce.

And considering the shagfest that seems to be going on behind the skirting board in the sitting room, I am three moves behind….


Today we said goodbye to Pepe’s brother Phelim. A man full of stories, and drama, and music. He loved life dearly and hung on to it for as much as he possibly could. But the evil C is one mighty foe. 

Goodbye Phelim. I will always remember your Mime Marceau stories. 

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Another day, another rodent

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Christmas team lunch


It’s good to keep the tradition going.

Today we discussed the sustainability of the human race.

It ain’t.


Not in the medium to long term. In human terms.
In geological terms, we might as well never have existed.

Fa la la la la, fa la la la