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Gently moving water?


Gently moving water my fluffy bottom!

It almost broke the coastline!

Ok… I’m exaggerating, it merely drenched the coast line…

And it almost washed away the schoolgirl!


Ok… I’m exaggerating, it merely drenched her. And her iPhone.

Low & faint & whispering?

Low & faint & whispering, my fluffy butt.

But I love it.

I love to see the Irish Sea pretending it is the Atlantic.

It is usually rather dull and tame and uneventful. Except for the odd visit of phosphorescent dolphin with two heads, the one that normally swims in the warmer waters of Sellafield.

Elsewhere blasé ice cream lickers went about their ice cream-licking business without batting an eyelid.


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Sweet Monday morning poxitude



how bitterly I missed thee.

But at long last, we were this morning reunited.

An intoxicating mix of shite weather, obnoxious kids, grumpy wife, meteorological dreariness, corporate ineptitude, imminent change of season, impending return of the school commute brought a tightening to my chest that I had almost forgotten.
The Monday morning nausea that makes the bright days that much brighter.
The minus 3 notch on the Contentment Scale.

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Humdrum -vs- Dundrum




We went deep into the woods. Again.
The boys complained about it. Again.
And loved it once we were there. Again.

While the girls answered the call of another jungle, the Dundrum shopping centre on a Saturday afternoon (shiver).

We had our first berries and spotted the first smelly willy mushrooms.
There weren’t that many.
They are waiting for Mrs mememe2U… 

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We Wiil, we Wiil, love you!



but it’s not a done deal… 

Jayzus, the erection of the Wii Library on the sea front is truly dividing the good folks of Dun Laoghaire. 

Between those who don’t like it and those who hate it. 

Rarely has such an uproar been witnessed in connection with the unveiling of a new building. Well, not since the last new building was unveiled. 

I must say that the aul Wii is growing on me. 

It’s a fine building. It’s a grand building. In five years’ time the Controversy will be but a distant memory. 

Will I use it? You bet your arse I will use it. I’m paying for it. I have a feeling that the view from inside will be great. 

Mind you, I don’t think that there is anything wrong with the current library. Good old little Carnegie library. Built at a time when billionaires did put something back into the community. 

Still, I should be grateful, it’s nice of Mr. Nintendo to give us the brand new Wii Library.