In and around Dublin, with a camera in my bag. Always. And an unhealthy propensity for easy cynicism. Always.

dublin photography blog dun laoghaire ireland


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Miss Fanny P says:

    your photos are awesome.
    And i don’t say that lightly.
    Exhibit!!! There is something about them and more people need to see them

    • Thanks a mil. I do love taking photographs every day. But I am nowhere near quitting the day job. Photography has been, and will remain a creative outlet that way, not a source of stress and a necessity to feed a family of five hungry mouths (mine especially).
      I did get an opportunity to exhibit the Smokers last year, and that was very rewarding.
      Thanks for the laughs, your blog is a treat to read.

    • Many thanks Paula. I appreciate it.
      And thanks also for the escape clause. A very busy work schedule means that I have very little time for socialising. I literally post and run. I have the blog up mostly for family and friends. If anybody else can get a laugh out of it, it’s a bonus.
      I’m glad you enjoy it.
      All the best,

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