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A day when shorts were worn

Walkers basking in the sun on the pier in Dun Laoghaire


A day when t-shirts were paraded.
Without pain!

A day when the GoosePimpleOMeter* recorded no positive hits on the pier! (Except perhaps for the Italian guy and the three Spanish girls who briefly unzipped their North Pole anoraks to reach for their wallet – but it doesn’t count).

A day when the thermometer hit a dizzying 23 degrees (Celsius!)
In the shade!!! (Met Eireann usually go by the temperature in the sunlight, under a looking glass, to con us into thinking that we live in a country with a near-Mediterranean climate, and no windchill)

Somehow I doubt that it will be enough to convince Mrs Raheny to pack away the winter duvet.

It’s going to be a sweat-fest for me tonight.

And it won’t be from the passion…

* patent pending

Record temperatures in Dun Laoghaire today


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