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Coke head


Went to the restaurant-named-after-a-mass-murderer at lunchtime with Carlos and Colm.
The number of shrimps in the Nazi-Goering has further decreased (two and a half today), the rice was hard and dry, this was really really the last time I eat (poorly) in Mao.

When asked what we wanted to drink, the cheapos went for water and Carlos asked for a Diet Coke.
The waitress apologised and said that they only had Pepsi Max.
He frowned, pondered, weighed his options, thought a bit more, and finally conceded that Pepsi Max would be ok, he supposed, as an exception.
I told him that in a blind test he wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.
He assured that he o so could tell!
I retorted that he o so could not!!!

On the way back to the Mistake Factory, I purchased a can of Coke, one of Diet Coke and one of Pepsi Max.

Six identical cups were procured.
Numbered 1 to 6.
The three cans were poured randomly in cup 1 to 3, and then again in cups 4 to 6.
I asked him to:
a- identify the three beverages
b- match the 3 pairs

Carlos tasted the Pepsi Max in cup 1 and declared “Ah! Real Coke!”

I was right. He was wrong.

I was o so right. He was o so wrong.






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