On my way to the Mistake Factory this morning, I couldn’t help but marvel at the total cloudlessness of the big big blue sky above me.

A quick look at flightradar24 informed me that the metal bird above me was a Boeing 787 (renamed Dreamliner by some corporate marketeers in Mount Everet trying to re-inject a sense of resemblance of a hint of glamour in air travel)  from Thomson holidays taking a batch of eager holiday- makers to Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Ah… the warm Caribbean sea, the loungers, the pool, the pool bar, the dining room, the rooms, the less frequented back garden, the fence, the razor wire and the unknown beyond it.

Dreamlining on a discovery holiday to Jamaica.

The known part of it.

a splash of colour... quite literally, art, dublin, Dublin Area Rapid Transport... rapid my arse, dun laoghaire, ireland, photography, too shy shy oh shush oh you are, tourism, travel



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