Ok, technically not a pint, more like three. But still! What a wonderful new sense of moderation for me.
I have to say that the price of a pint in the city center is eye-watering. But still. Even if the pint of stout had been selling at half price (EUR2.60), I would still have stuck to my guns.
Three pints and a chat with Christophe.
In the only pub in the city center where you stand half a chance of scoring two seats and a reasonably quiet environment.
A sure sign of old age is the ability to keep the number of pints to a trio, and an inability to cope with excessive noise.
And a certainty that painted-on trousers are exclusively for the young ones.

art, dublin, Extraction of EUR60 from my wallet, ireland, life lesson, monochrome, photography, pub, street photography, this is a swear-free zone, for fuck sake

A pint and a chat


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