The Mistake Factory is colourful today.
As in even more colourful.

The Mistake Factory is gay today.
As in even more gay.

The Mistake Factory is filled with laughter today.
As in filled with what?!

Oh yes, I remember now. Today is the kiddies’ Christmas party.
60 midgets on acid running amock around the place.
As opposed to the habitual 60 adults running frantically around the place, looking desperately for someone else to blame for the latest hiccup (or challenge,  or mistake, or disaster, or fuck-up of galactic proportion, depending on the day).

60 midgets on acid, filled with Coca Cola and Haribo jellies and popcorn and chocolate and sweets.

And 5% of them are my responsibility…

a splash of colour... quite literally, activity park with a potato crisp theme, are Happy Meals really laced with cocaine?, art, considering putting my kids on eBay, dublin, essential parenting implements, ireland, parenting, photography

Daddy works in the party place


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