Either Luca has farted, or a very stinky election is in progress.

Weird to hear the kids express their worries about something happening several thousand miles away. 
Still, I am convinced that more worrying dealings happen at regular intervals, much further away from the public eye, by guys far more powerful than a mini-billionaire with a dodgy comb-over. The yoke that I have persistently refused to mention, online or in “real life” conversations, because denouncing him or deriding him will not change the mind of his electorate. It just helped him grow to the point of omnipresence. 
Let’s hope that from tomorrow, he goes back to reality tv where he belongs.  

art, cretins, dublin, durex lex sed lex, essential parenting implements, I'd be tempted to admitting to being superstitious but I prefer not to say it aloud, ireland, life lesson, monochrome, parenting, portrait

Something stinks


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