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Reliable as


the Halloween Man.

He never fails to deliver. So much so that the kids refer to him as the Halloween Man all year round.

He is a busy man indeed. Right after Halloween, he has to carefully take down the myriad of spooky decorations, and promptly put them away in his special Halloween-decorations-shed, before immediately getting started on his Grotty Grotto Extravaganza, contained in his two Christmas-decorations-sheds.

It is rumoured that the vast amount of kilowatts needed to light up these marvels are generated by kids captured on Halloween night and held captive in his Child-Size-Hamster-Wheel-With-Dynamo-shed.

The kids are not too keen on finding out if it’s true.
Luca still has to summon up the courage to go and knock on the Halloween Man’s door on Halloween night…

This year maybe.


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