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Keep calm and smile


Our two Austrian students are leaving early tomorrow morning.

I think they were quite impressed by our not asking about kangaroos and crocodiles back home.

They were quiet. Very quiet.
And polite. Very polite.
They kept calm, and smiled. And said “no thank you”.
A lot.

They must have been totally horrified at the amount of noise around the dinner table. And the eating with hands. And the talking while chewing. And the interrupting. And the chewing while interrupting.
They kept calm, and smiled.

They were very nice. We must have scared them. We must have.

Miriam very politely asked Mrs mememe2U for the recipe for the fish pie we had for dinner yesterday.
The dinner that I cooked.
How I gloated.

They are heading back tomorrow to a land of calm. And order. And speaking in turn. Not while eating. And polite kangaroos. And disciplined crocodiles.


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