Mimi was watching some highly entertaining Youtube channel about two complete eedjits who concoct disgusting popsicles (shrimp, tabasco, sawdust, liver) and make exaggerated facial expressions as they sample them.

These muppets have 11 million subscribers.

They probably make more in a day from Pay per Click than I make in a month.

My kids are convinced that becoming a Youtuber is the ideal career path.

And I have officially turned into an old fart.

Who am I to look down on this form of entertainment?
I should instead be filming myself concocting and eating vomit pancakes washed down with a snot smoothie, and earn a decent living…

(Having just performed a quick recheck of my last wage slip, these two muppets definitely make more in a day than I do in a month).

art, cretins, dejection, dublin, essential parenting implements, funny, humour, ireland, parenting, photography, portrait

High brow


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