Ever since the Education Building Society decided to fit a new door to the electric cabinet where Pidgy the pigeon was born, and her mother before her, and her mother before that, Pidgy has made it her life mission to exact revenge from this pseudo bank populated by bollixes.

She waited patiently for them to invest considerable sums of money in the purchase of Battleship Grey outdoor paint from the Scottish Naval Forces.
She waited for days for them to painfully apply each new coat of a paint that would restore the financial institution to its former off-grey glory. She waited and waited while feeding exclusively on beetroot.

She would deface the facade, one airborne dropping at a time.

Then and only then, she could die happy, and rest in peace.

a splash of colour... quite literally, art, bric a crap, dejection, dublin, dun laoghaire, funny, humour, ireland, photography, street photography

Retaliation In Progress


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