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Explosive topic (contains nudity)


If only.

No, the topic wasn’t quite explosive enough.

This evening I went to see a documentary in the Dun Laoghaire Maritime Museum that I have been waiting to see for a long time: ‘Atlantic’ – the race for the resources of the North Atlantic

Unfortunately it contains no Eurovision gossip or other televised karaoke contests, street brawls recorded on mobile phones or voyeuristic sex.

It’s about the plundering of non or not-easily renewable resources in the Atlantic:  crude oil and gas exploitation and the happy plowing into fish stocks by mega trawlers.

It’s about planning. Accountability. Fast profit and long term consequences.

In other words it’s excellent, critically acclaimed… and will be seen by relatively few. It doesn’t quite have the pulling power of Stampy Cat.

I’d be surprised if even 80% of the people who usually read this blog arrived to this point, upon discovery of what the topic is about.

Being responsible is boring, any self-respecting surfer, creche supervisor or motorcyclist will tell you that much.

But please, for just a second, get off your surf board, stop organizing toddlers’ cage fighting matches at the back of the creche or go easy on the throttle. Switch off the telly and disconnect from YouTube.

You could do a lot worse than go and check one the community screenings of the ‘Atlantic’. Full list here.

This would involve leaving the comfort of your home for an evening. And spend it in the company of real people. I know, it’s an effort.

But try. Please.

Next screenings in Dublin area:

Bray, County Wicklow (?!) – and there was I thinking that Bray had been annexed by the “greater” Dooblin Area…) Common Ground – Sunday 22 May 8 PM

Howth, 26 May, venue to be confirmed (my guess is not on a French or Dutch supertrawler…), 8 PM

Dublin 8, the Fumbally Stables, Thursday 9 June


The what? The nudity? The “contains nudity” warning? 

How else was I going to grab your attention? 

Sue me, Susan 🙂  


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