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Mast/urbanisation – stop the erection!


Vodafone are planning to install a mast less than 100 meters away from the school attended by 66% of my kids.

Now, just like 98.3% of the population, I couldn’t give a rat’s arse until this happened in my backyard (#notinmybackyard).

For the simple reason that like 102.7% of the population, I am addicted to streaming Youtube videos of funny pandas on the go.

I want 4G, 5G, 9G, 125G everywhere and at all times. I want G spots everywhere.

The proposed proximity of that mast however, has highlighted to me the value of a principle scorned by surfers, king crab fishermen and nightclub bouncers the world around: the precautionary principle.

Can I prove that it is harmful? Nope.
Can Vodafone prove that spending long periods of time in the beam of greatest intensity of a mast is safe? Nope.

It’s a bummer than that my kids are the guinea pigs in an everyday life experiment to show who is o so right and who is o so wrong.

Am I worried about a mast going up next to my kids’ school? Yes. As much as I am worried about not being able to stream an Epic Fails 2016 compilation while waiting for the bus.

Am I ridiculous for being worried? According to the dozens of fellow mobile telephony addicts out there who ridicule our protest as middle-aged middle-class hippy hogwash, yes, definitely.  I surely hope that the bollixes are right.

For I know for sure that ridicule doesn’t kill.

I should know.










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