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The life and soul of the party


These two really helped me to celebrate the first night of my Easter holiday (my Out of Office message reads: Gone on a diving holiday, I will be at a minimum of 40 meters under the surface of the Atlantic, with absolutely shag all connectivity. Emails will not be monitored.)

In fairness, Mrs Raheny did not have a good night last night, what with one of the three shaggin fire alarms with a battery about to kick the bucket, emitting a plaintive beeeeeep at irregular intervals. I know they were irregular, because we ended up lying on the carpet on the landing, with a blanket over us, waiting for the next beeeeeeep to disconnect the shaggin thing.
It took a little over 25 minutes.
At 4am, 25 minutes is a looooooong time.

And tonight, we have the joy of Mimi’s sleep monitoring machine. The alarm has only gone off once so far.
But it could be a long night made up of short, disconnected sleep periods…


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